Minority Persecution in Uganda

These two illustrations were a reaction to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. A subject that involves many political, religious and cultural ideologies. The intent of this project was to understand the archetype of the entire issue, which was persecution. The narrative of both illustrations show the persecution of a minority through the use of political propaganda and hate. Which drowns and silences the voices of the persecuted.
The issue being dealt here is the Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda. This specific bill allows the persecution and execution of the Gay minority in Uganda. The intent of this Editorial Illustration was to show how government’s indoctrination in Uganda is crushing the minority with lies, propaganda and hate. 
This is the second Editorial Assignment done on the Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda. For this illustration, I focused on the minority. The intent of the illustration is to show the figure drowning in a sea of persecution and hate (as protest boards) and the silencing of their voice. 
Thumbnail Process
The biggest challenge with this project was to carve the political issue to one major archetype: Persecution. The process to create these images took a reasonable amount of research, discovery and design. From this project I learned a great deal about the importance of process and thumbnails. Once the design decisions were resolved, the process to create the images were much easier.
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